Welcome to my website! I am an ecologist who uses experiments, field data, and statistical models to describe how ecosystems function.

I am fascinated by how organisms and their environment interact. I’ve worked on everything from storm tunnels under Minneapolis and St. Paul to the Laurentian Great Lakes, but the unifying theme of my research is how changes to the environment affect how ecosystems function.

I just wrapped up postdocs with Craig Stow (NOAA) at the Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research, and as a Donnelley postdoctoral fellow in the lab of David Skelly exploring the ecology and evolution of pond-breeding amphibians. Now I am working at the Columbia Environmental Research Center as a research ecologist incorporating a food-web perspective into toxicology in David Walter‘s group. See Current Projects tab for more information on what I’m working on.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you’d like to collaborate.

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