In review or revision

Rowland, F.E., K.A. Prats, Y.A. Alshwairikh, M.K. Burak, A.C. Fanton, and M.C. Duguid. (under review). Towards a new stable state: Equitably assessing trainee writing productivity post-COVID-19. *on EcoEvoRxiv as a pre-print:

Rowland, F.E., M.L. Crump, H.H. Whiteman, W.H. Lowe, K.A. Berven, and J.H.K. Pechmann (in revision). Why we (still) need more long-term amphibian population data. Ichthyology & Herpetology.

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Rowland, F.E., D.E. Tillitt, C.A. Richter, and D.M. Walters. (under review). Evolutionary and ecological correlates of thiaminase in fishes. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries.

In prep

Full manuscript available upon request

Rowland, F.E. and R.M. Holdo (in prep). Nonlinear ecosystem responses to leaf litter subsidies in experimental ponds. EcoEvoRxiv DOI: 10.32942/

Rowland, F.E., M.J. Vanni, and C.E. Kraft. Thiamine limitation of primary production in Ohio lakes.


*Undergraduate co-authors are italicized

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Professional publications and reports

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